The country Pakistan is facing acute energy crisis now a days. Due to poor indigenous commercial energy reserves, every year 16 Billion US $ is spent on import of oil. The installed capacity of electricity is about 22,000 MW, including 6500 MW from hydro and 13,000 MW from oil/gas fired plants (Thermal). However, only 12,000 MW is being generated due to multiple factors causing shortfall of 7,000 MW (+) throughout the year. The energy infrastructure is underdeveloped and poorly managed. The rapid growth in demand in of electricity (10% per annum), transMission & Vision losses (12%) due to outdated infrastructure and power theft (23%) as well as seasonal reduction in the availability of hydro power has worsened the electricity supply situation.

Consequently, load-shedding has adversely affected the GDP growth, caused inflation in production costs of agriculture inputs and closing of a number of industrials units etc. Pakistanís energy consumption mix comprises of gas (43%), oil (29%), electricity (15.3%), coal (10.4%) and LPG (1.5%). The share of biomass, biogas and solar energy is negligible given the fact that Pakistan the government has fixed a target to produce 9,700 MW from renewable energy resources under vision 2030.

In view of the prevailing energy crisis the Government of Punjab led by the Honorable Chief Minister Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif directed the Agriculture Department to exploit biomass energy resources on a fast track basis. The basic need to establish a biomass supply chain model was emphasized. This would facilitate investments in the Biomass energy production sector. Farmers would be made aware of the importance of biomass and convinced to avoid its burning. This effort would not only be environment friendly but would also bring extra incomes for the farmer. The different surveys show that there is a huge resource potential for power generation from crops biomass and about 28 Million Tons of net crop biomass is available throughout Punjab, excluding all types of local consumption.

The viability of establishment of bio energy projects for power generation is unprecedented in Punjab. These resources, if utilized to their full extent for power generation, can contribute considerably in reducing load shedding and providing clean energy to the industry and domestic consumers.


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