Initiative by Punjab Government


In view of prevailing energy crisis the Punjab government took concrete steps to utilize indigenous energy resources. The Chief Minister Punjab directed the agriculture department to exploit biomass/biogas energy resources on fast track basis. It was indicated that biomass power plants models may be established to demonstrate its performance to the private sector and build their capacity for commercial utilization of crops biomass.

The surveys conducted by different functionaries of Punjab Government show that there is huge resource potential for power generation from crops biomass . About 28 million tones of net crops biomass is available in all districts of Punjab, excluding all type of local consumption.

The establishment of bio energy projects for power generation is unprecedented in Pakistan which requires detailed work to address issues such as availability of biomass, collection and supply chain including processing and transportation to the power plant site, to work on alternative use of crop residue, best technological options for specific sizes, environmental implications and cost benefit analysis etc. The private sector do not have the capacity to undertake such projects as the technologies are afresh and industry needs models for replicating the projects.

Therefore Punjab Bio Energy company was incorporated by Punjab Agriculture Department with the objective to establish supply chain for targeted crops residue/biomassto be used primarily for energy production plants and to work as catalyst to promote the biomass sale/purchase business.


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