OBJECTIVES & Methodology

  • Providing technical excellence to ensure sustainable availability of Biomass for energy projects.

  • Delivering outstanding service to stakeholders to ensure benefit from the profitable development of biomass supply chain not limited to renewable energy projects only.

  • To provide a single contact for large volume of biomass fuel marketing on a regional basis for clients through independent producers and managing production, purchase and delivery contracts as required.

  • Developing new markets for biomass feed stocks accomplished by taking a global approach to utilizing biomass in multi stage cascading use through Joint Ventures, Strategic Partnerships, Direct Marketing and Biomass Upgrading Technologies.

  • To handle issues associated with multiple companies, storages, bulk volume transfers, developing new sources.

  • To reduce the multiple layers of middlemen in biomass supply chain management.

  • Help government to develop and implement policies that will increase the production and consumption of biomass in Punjab.

  • Build a market and increase demand of biomass in Punjab especially focused on elimination of the middle man .

  • Making a significant contribution to sustainable development in Punjab by advising on the reduction of carbon footprints locally and globally.

  • Bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to producers at grass root level in Punjab.


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